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Tips for supplying
images and logos

Capturing and sourcing images

  • ​When searching for images online, try to obtain the highest quality available

  • If you need a larger image for use in an outdoor banner e.g. 3m x 2m make sure the original image resolution is at least 150dpi when your size is set to 3000x2000mm

  • Don't try to resample this image if you are using Photoshop as it will only create a blurred image and will not scale very well - this can be done but a longer process

  • When capturing your own photos, set your camera to it's maximum resolution as you can always reduce the size and resolution of an image but as mentioned, it is harder to increase it - better to start with larger than what you need


  • ​When providing your logo if you already have one, it will save time to provide the best format for what you intend to use it

  • If your intention is just for digital work such as email marketing or website then a .png file is fine but for jobs intended for print then .jpeg is more suitable and colour profile should be set to CMYK

  • If it is possible for you to obtain an .eps or .ai file vector format then this will work even better and can be resized to any size you require

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