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Design Basics

Logo & Branding

A logo can shows your potential customers a snapshot of your business/company, what work you do and the services you offer. It also creates a first impression that will help form a positive (or negative) image of your business/company. It can convey a strong message to potential clients if done well which can and will create the opportunity for potential sales leads and set your business up for success.

Logo design on it's own is not enough.

You need to create a brand identity that sets you apart from the competition.

Logo design is an important part of creating your brand but the overall tone, your purpose and values also play a vital role in influencing public perception of your business. These will inevitably create trust with your potential customers and loyalty to your brand that will lead your business successfully into the future.

Logo designs can vary depending on the type of business you run and whether you want a symbol or emblem to represent your brand or a type-based logo design.

Examples of different types of logo are:


Monograms or lettermarks are generally used for company names that are just too long to include in their design so they have been reduced down to a few letters, usually the first letters of each word.


Some examples of these are HP, JVC H&M, Chanel (CC), CNN, BMW, VW

Most of these companies originally marketed their brand using their full name such as Volkswagen & Hewlett Packard but as they are well known across the world, they are able to shorten their name as people are more familiar with the brand.

Wordmarks (Logotype)

Wordmark logos use the full business name, utilising a typeface (font)

unique to their branding that creates something memorable

that people will recognise.

Some examples are Kleenex, Disney, FedEx, eBay & Google, just to name a few. These companies are not only known by their name but by the style of the font used in their logo design.

Brandmarks (Symbol)

A brandmark or symbol is a logo that uses a familiar shape. These are best used with a brand that is already well known and has previously used that brandmark as part of their logo alongside their business name.

Some examples of these would be companies such as Shell, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz oh and of course, Apple.

Abstract Logo Mark

This is very similar to the brandmark logo above except that the symbol is unique to the brand itself and is not a familiar shape or symbol. It can be made out of any circular or geometric shape or pattern.

Examples of logos that reflect this style are:

Nike, Google Drive, Mitsubishi (also a combination mark), Adidas

Logo Mascots

These reflect a more fun, illustrative design. The mascot represents your brand as a character depicted alongside your brand name. This type of logo can portray your brand image through a more personal or relatable character.

Some brands have used their founder as a mascot such as KFC with it's Colonel Sanders or the Australian brand Bob Jane T-Marts. Other examples include Pringles, Cheetos, Quakers Oats, Uncle Toby's, Mail Chimp and many others.

Combination Mark

These combine a wordmark or lettermark with a brandmark, abstract mark or mascot and can be used to create a logo that can eventually be used as a symbol on it's own as in the case of Apple or KFC where people will automatically recognise the brand without the company name.

Examples are:

Red Bull, Dropbox, Doritos, Burger King, Amazon


Emblems are usually found with schools or universities but also traditional automotive companies which can feature a crest such as in the original Australian GMH with the lion crest alongside the word Holden. This brand kept the lion throughout it's history even though the most recent logo was changed to reflect a more modern era of vehicles.

Other brands include Harley Davidson, NFL, Warner Bros, Ford, Lamborghini and many wine makers will also use this style of logo.

Typesetting & Copywriting

Typesetting is an arduous task even for an experienced typesetter especially when fatigue starts to set in and coming up with the right content can take up valuable time.

Why not get someone to do it for you?

We offer all types of typesetting and copy writing to setting up mail merge documents like business letters and personalised certificates or invitations,

the ideas are endless!

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